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Distributed Generation!

Distributed generation refers to power generation where power is used. MAFG on-site power generation is the first low cost solution that specifically addresses Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, specifically addressing grid security by offering the capability of complete grid independence. The Company is setting new standards for a more efficient green energy future. Distributed generation shifts control to the consumer. This allows the consumer to use as much power as needed without consumption and conservation issues.


This is an example of what a temporary 10 Mega-Watt
MAFG Power Plant would look like.

MAFG is distributed generation that is CO2 FREE operates 100% of the time at 100% of capacity!

Historically, distributed generation meant onsite combustion generators. Today with MAFG technologies we can eliminate the need for combustion type generators for more reliable CO2 FREE power source onsite anywhere making a complete energy solution.

Other forms of alternative power including solar have become a popular distributed generation option. However the intermittent nature of solar and the fact power is needed 24 hours a day places the MAFG  as a leader in alternative energy.

The Benefits of OBM Global MAFG Reactor

OBM Global MAFG is a "Distributed Generation" GREEN solution that is CO2 FREE, reliable and affordable all at the same time. OBM Global MAFG Reactors can produce clean energy 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, generating more power then intermittent solutions, and delivering faster payback and greater environmental benefits for the customer. And while other alternative energy products require huge investments, lengthy installations, sunny locations, or demand for natural gas to operate OBM Global MAFG systems are easy and fast to install, practically anywhere even underground.

OBM Global MAFG are perfectly designed to meet the demanding energy needs of today's companies.
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