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 Paradigm Shift in Energy Production!

Break through in technologies makes 100% of your Electricity, hot water and steam needs. Allow you to provide 100% of your power needs eliminating the grid.

Our unique on-site power generation systems utilizes Multi Angular Force Generation.

Using known physics and  leveraging break through advances in state of the art components, our technology is able to produce clean CO2 FREE, reliable, affordable power anywhere even underground. Without the use of chemical reactions, storage systems, solar or wind power. Its truly a Modern Marvel!

OBM Global MAFG™ are the most efficient energy generators on the planet; providing for significantly reduced electricity costs and dramatically lowering your carbon footprint.

By generating power on-site, where it is consumed, OBM Global California offers increased electrical reliability and improved energy security, providing a clear path to energy independence.

Founded in 2010,  is headquartered in Twain Harte, California.